Thorn Broadside

Tenderfoot Mouseguard

Age 14 Parents Byron & Cassie Broadside
Home Lockhaven Senior Artisan Smithy Ashbark
Fur Color Stark White Mentor Rabies
Guard Rank Tenderfoot Friend Jade Mapleview
Cloak Color Enemy Taryn Sweetwater

Belief: Mice must stand together for the good of the group
Goal: To see real fighting
Instinct: Fight (Irrationally)
Gear: knife, sling, smithing hammer


Name Rating P F
Nature 3 0/7 0/6
Will 2 0/6 0/5
Heath 6 0/6 0/5
Resources 3 0/10 0/10
Circles 1 0/10 0/10


Name Rating
Guard’s Honor 1
Nimble 1
Curious 1


Name Rating P F
Fighter 4 0/6 0/5
Scout 2 0/6 0/5
Survivalist 3 0/6 0/5
Armorer 3 0/6 0/5
Crime-wise 2 0/6 0/5
Deceiver 3 0/6 0/5
Smith 3 0/6 0/5

Thorn was a carefree child often left alone for long periods of time while his father, Byron, went about his duties as a Patrol Guard. The death of his mother, Cassie, during child birth had little lasting effect on his life (children are so resilient). His stark white coloring did little to gain him friends and Thorn often found himself on the outside looking in. His only real friend in life (and his blooming romantic interest) is that of a mouse maiden named Jade Mapleview. Prior to the Weasel War Thorn and Jade had gotten into a couple of innocent scrapes with the law while left alone to their own devices.

Only two people knew of the details surrounding his father’s death during the Weasel War. Rabies, the grizzled Patrol Guard that was there for his father in his last moments; and Taryn Sweetwater, his father’s squad mate that abandoned his father and left him to die. Young Thorn started filling the void left by his father by training with Rabies and devoting all his time to join the Mouse Guard.

Prior to the spring thaw, Thorn got his chance to finally see real fighting. Along side his mentor Rabies, Thorn would get to see his dream of becoming a Mouse Guard and donning his father’s cload.

Thorn Broadside

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